The Mouse

The mouse went to the cheese shop for tea when he finds out that the shop keeper is a cunning fox. The fox in his cunning nature has set this up as a trap for the mouse. The cunning fox is hoping for a mouse snack as he is getting hungry,  and the rumbling in his tummy is louder than thunder. Now the mouse is not an easy target his perception rivals that of any king cobra. As soon as the mouse enters the shop he sees the fox, maintaining eye contact the mouse triggers the trap then dodges across the shop with the precision of forked lightning writing across a dark winter sky. The fox looses his cunning and gives chase in a blind rage smashing the shop in the process, whilst this is happening the mouse steals a big wheel of extra mature Stilton that smells like a pile of footballers worn socks after a big game. Escaping the mouse leaves to enjoy his bounty on some toast.

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