The mystery? By Eva

 The mystery?

You are a fairy flying like a plane by the sea.

You are a funny clown juggling apples while being someone’s nightmare.

You are a mirror glaring into someone’s eyes as they curse you!

You are an ice cream melting with dripping tears.

You are a princess riding on a dragons back what is a beast.

You are a flower sitting in a vase waiting to open in the sunrise.

You are a dinosaur stumping through the deep woods.

You are a mermaid searching for the glimmering seashells.

You are a snowman sitting by the magical fire having a nice warm cup of hot chocolate cream melting hot milk and a fluffy marshmallow.

You are a ship travelling through the ocean past the reindeers on the beach.



One Response to “The mystery? By Eva”

  1. This is a terrific poem, Eva. Thank you for taking the time to write and and submit it to the website. You have carefully chosen your words all the way through. Like Pie says, “Every word earns its place.” I particularly like the line, “You are an ice cream melting with dripping tears.” It paints the picture of ice cream melting on a hot day, beautifully. A great first effort, keep it up!

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