Packing for my sky ship adventure

I would take a razor-sharp, shining silver sword, that would pierce through armour in seconds, in order to defend myself, incase an enemy approached me.

I would take an everlasting torch, as bright as the scorching sun, that was gifted to me, by a worldwide famous explorer, who had used it on many successful adventures.

I would take magical clear water, that when you drink it, you would soar up into the enchanted sky, and enter another mystic world.

I would take an insulating, fluffy blanket, so if I got the chills, or the temperature decreased a lot, I could stay snug.

I would take raspberry flavoured sugary sweets, that give you the extraordinary power, of freezing things for two days, so I could block any danger in my path.

I would take a waterproof trouble-shooting book, to help me work out solutions, to any problems that I might face.

I would take an unbreakable pendant, that holds medicine with healing powers in it, for if I got hurt.

I would take a bright red parachute, to dive into the depths of the ground below me.

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