Eva’s I Would Take…


I would take a large box of everlasting matches to light a warm, cosy fire, to roast marshmallows on.

I would take a pair of brown, enchanted boots to runaway from brutal enemies.

I would take a pocket-sized, magical cloth to rub on any major injuries to cure them.

I would take an old, rustic compass to direct us through the misty skies.

I would take a metallic unicorn horn to slice anything in half if they come within 2 metres of us.

I would take a golden sword to defeat the sky witches of Netherlands.

I would take a lengthy pirate’s telescope to check on the skies where the sky witches fly around.

I would take a magical mirror to see the sky witches cave through.

I would take a neon-orange fly-swatter  to slap away the sky witches of Netherlands.

I would take a silver, breakable necklace, which contains a few drops of mercury (a poison when inhaled) in it. If it gets dropped and smashes, it will kill anything in 5 seconds.

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