A Sky-Ship Explorer’s Survival Kit


I would take a silver, diamond-centred compass that states a clear portrait of the destination.

I would take a pocket-sized bottle of curing medicine for healing any wound or injury, with enough liquid for three separate doses.

I would take a golden, scintillating sword to combat the enemies in your tracks, slicing through their unstoppable shields and armour, loyal to you no matter what.

I would take a nylon parachute that can guide you to your specific destination, by creating a map reflection on a nearby piece of rock or ground.

I would take a crystal, glass jar containing 3 wishes of protection, that was given to me by a goblin queen who appears when you make the request.

I would take a folded broom that, when unfolded, flies you in the sky and can take you through the tiniest of cracks, helping you flee from your foe.

I would take a unicorn horn to signify words in the air and mail them as communication to someone for help.

I would take an everlasting box of matches, that can keep the fire perpetually flowing in a way to shoo away all the moths and bugs.

I would take an enchanted, fiery towel that, when rubbed on oak, gives you the courage to do anything, but don’t get to carried away as you may try the impossible and not succeed.

I would take a magic perfume, that, when smelt, gives you the power to change form into your thoughts (like a lion to catch food or a squirrel to climb trees.)



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