Six things found in a Skyship Explorers rucksack

If I was a Sky Explorer, I would take these items in my rucksack:

  1. would take a telescope, to help me see my way and also look for dangers.
  2. I would have a camera to take pictures of goblins, mystical beasts, scenery and pictures of friends I have made.
  3. I would take a netgun to trap mystical creatures, so i could study them and then release them back out into the wild.
  4. Maps and star charts, so I can navigate my way through the sky.
  5. A parachute for emergency use, when escaping for bad people.
  6. Some potions for water and food, I need to mix them together to get the food and water.

Also I would have a mystical beast with me, as my friend and protector. This beast looks like a deer and fox put together. This beasts special ability is that it can use 5 elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ice, to protect me and the ship.



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