10 things in Harriet Culpepper’s rucksack. 

A snowy-white fur coat to stay warm in and blend into her surroundings. 

A telescope to see the shining stars and the twinkling Northern Lights. 

A thick wetsuit for swimming in the icy seas. 

A puff of wind, sealed in a glass jar, encase of an emergency. 

A magical compass, that guides its owner and foolits foes. 

A tooth from the king snow leopard, to control the wildest of animals. 

A hurricane of sleet, hiding in her rucksack, to force sky goblins to flee from the skyship. 

A ruby, forged on the edge of the rainbow, to control the sun and the moon. 

An everlasting bottle of water, and a duplicating cone of ice-cream; rations if they get lost whilst flying above the clouds. 

A petal from a violet tulip, and a sprig of rosemary, to remind her of where she’s travelled. 

3 Responses to “10 things in Harriet Culpepper’s rucksack. ”

  1. Dear Verity,

    I love your work; there are so many powerful images.

    I particularly enjoy that you wrote about Harriet Culpepper – I am loving this character in our daily reading.

    Well done!

    Mrs. H

  2. This is an original and imaginative list of useful objects and I like the way you have made it pertinent to a particular explorer, especially the wonderful Harriet Culpepper!

  3. Hello there, Verity. I loved reading your poem this afternoon and imagining what could be found inside Harriet Culpepper’s rucksack. I especially liked the idea of a magical compass that could ‘fool your foes’; a most handy item for an explorer, I’m sure!

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