6 Things Found In An Explorers Rucksack

  1. A tarantula’s web as strong as hulks muscles to capture dragons and sky beasts.
  2. The dust from the heart of a rainbow to power the crew through rough days.
  3. The sword that survived a volcano in Lanzarote, and got washed up on a beach in Africa, buried in the blazing sand.
  4. A pair of binoculars with so much zoom you could see past the horizon line.
  5. A blaring siren to move other vehicles out of the way in a sky-jam.
  6. Finally a pair of jet boots to soar through the night sky and onto new adventures!

4 Responses to “6 Things Found In An Explorers Rucksack”

  1. Dear Rom,

    This is fabulous – I especially enjoy the image of rainbow dust.

    Well done!

    Mrs. H

  2. Hello Romilly,

    What imaginative ideas! I especially liked the idea of the indestructible sword. Well done!

    Mrs Hendra

  3. Excellent work Romilly, I love the image of the rainbow dust powering the crew through the rough days.

  4. thankyou for all the nice comments!

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