diamond unicorn

diamond UNICORNS



Diamond unicorns live in caves and love red crystals! These creatures can grow up to 17 feet and have a hobby of going out on a full moon. They only come out in the dark and are very shy. If you approach a diamond unicorn they will run back to their caves in fear and you won’t have the speed to catch them.



Where can you find diamond unicorns? Well, diamond unicorns love to live in crystal filled caves and the more crystals there are the more of a chance you find one. The reason they do is because diamond unicorns eat crystals and their favorite type is red. If you do stumble upon one, do not touch their crystals as they will charge at you with their diamond horn.



What do they look like? Diamond unicorns have a diamond horn and a blue body. They’re Tail is  90cm long and it glows in the dark. At the age of 5 they get their adult horn. If you have seen one you’ll know that their face is as bright as a star.


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