The Geared-Up StarGrazer!


You probably have never gone onto a geared-up blimp before that can demolish you into microscopic pieces of nothing if you touch it. Remember now it’s not just you on the blimp alone you have friends along with you named Ri and Mary and there is another one he is wise old and smart he is the captain of the blimp his name is O’Hara but we have to call him captain O’Hara because he is our captain it’s that obvious.

I believe you’ve enjoyed holiday flights to a country that you could relax and have no stress what so ever but a BLIMP you would absolutely cherish it on a blimp a blimp your in the air you get to see everything but a plane plane’s are tedious you do just do nothing but sit in a chair and can only look down but a blimp you have freedom.

But you should sometime try going on a trip to a wintery cold, shivering place but you don’t have to! You can maybe visit a hot place but me I would go to the sky’s!

And some say that there are sky pirates in the high foggy sky’s but there is a dark mysterious secret way up in the sky there is not one there are four huge hungry nightmarish dragons that could obliterate the biggest hardest thing in the universe.

Ri gripped the railings; his knuckles went weaker. He shivered he smelled the air as he had horrible images waving all over his head watching his sister Mary having the most best time in her life being on a geared-up blimp that would obliterate anything that touches it that could fly way up in the sky but Ri knew that there was something horrid up there and did not want to see it…

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  1. You did a good job.

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