The Sea Pegasus

The Sea Pegasus

The Sea Pegasus are infrequent types of Pegasus that lurks beneath the sea.These horses are immortal as they have souls that keep them alive forever.Everyday, Peganologists scuba dive through the Atlantic Ocean to discover more things about this divine horse.Throughout the year,the Sea Pegasus are seen in the beaches as they swim from the Atlantic to the South end beach.However,these animals are generous and pick up plastic with their prominent horns and put them back at the golden sand,ready to be collected by humans to be put in the bin.To see these animals,look closely and you can see one.However,not a lot of facts are found about these creatures.


The Sea Pegasus lives in the vivid,blue sea next to the sand.The sea they live in is called the Gulf of Alaska when the Pacific and the Antlantic don’t meet.They are secretly hidden in the radient coral reef so they are not hunted by sailors.A majority of them wonder around the world to find places to sleep.Most of them fall on traps and are taken their dazzling horns to be sold for millions.This is why they are endangered.Sometimes, they become aggressive once it is taken.

To identify a Sea Pegasus, they have angel-like wings which are effective for them to fly above the sea,a spiralling,turquoise horn that camouflages the sea,and hooves that are agile which makes them have the ability to run at an incredible speed.Surprisingly,they have soft fur so they can survive during the winter.They have indigo eyes which makes them have good eyesight. However,they shed during summer and have skin that shines rays when the sun is out.


These gentle creatures nourish on seaweed which makes them healthy.But,they scavenge on sprats and other little fishes.They drink seawater after their meal and play with others after.Sometimes,they hide and then eat Fish & Chips from the seaside.The Sea Pegasus is a very sly creature as they circle around their prey until they are squashed to death.


The Sea Pegasus is a merry creature.They love to race over the mountains and sometimes like fighting with their hooves.They are very timid but they’re sometimes violent when they’re

 fighting against other species.They are mistaken for the Sky Unicorn as both have the same skin tone.But they are known as “King of the Sea & Skies”.


Did you know that Sea Pegasus can heal people?If you see one,keep it untold.They love fishes so wear your gloves and feed them.But do not touch it’s horn as long as they are tamed and known by you.Let’s keep up the good work so the Sea Pegasus population is raised.


Abdul H Hallsville


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