A Guide for Galaxy Pegasus Researchers

The Galaxy Pegasus are a scarcely seen type of flying creature which lives near really old stars. Did you know that Galaxy Pegasus are also known as constellation camouflagers? These creatures are one of the darkest unicorn species. Sadly, humans can only see them in a lunar eclipse or when a star explodes as a nebulae. To find out more,read me!


If you ever want to discover a Galaxy Pegasus,you have to be brave enough to dare to go to one of these places. They can live in the most ebony black hole , the oldest star in the world and you might be lucky to spot one on the next Solar Eclipse because they rest their bodies on Earth’s thickest clouds. But actually the places aren’t as deadly. You still have some chances to see them. On the other hand , in the Lunar Eclipses they rest on random asteroids depending how comfy it is.It is believed that they have a little visit to their enemies on a rainbow to have a little fight for what they have done to the Dark Empress. But that isn’t anything to do with the topic. 


How would you recognise a Galaxy Pegasus if you stumbled across one? Keep reading if you’re curious enough! They have eyes like a bulging star which can actually shine through the sky. However,their thin eyelashes are really fascinating because of their sharpness and beauty. Most of them have wings like constellations that have a dark matter glow around them. These flying creatures are recognised for their star pattern in one of their hind legs. Like millions of galaxies, they have a smooth glistening mane. It is believed that their sapphire blue tail helps them camouflage well so that when they rest on Earth’s clouds, they cannot be seen. An amazing fact about them is that they use their charcoal black hooves to suck up anything near like a black hole(only if the ‘thing’ is driving the Galaxy Pegasus crazy). Interestingly, these mythical creatures use their golden horns to collect up nebulae from dead stars. 


As you’ve discovered a space unicorn (another common name for Galaxy Pegasus),you will need to feed it to tame it.How would you know what it likes? Continue for more information. The NASA(National Aeronautics and Space Administration)has said in the last a few days:
“We’ve just found out that their favourite food might be dark energy since their weird wings have dark matter around it.” Also ESA (European Space Agency) mentioned recently:
“They might love light beams,but we scientists haven’t got a way yet to feel it or pick them up.” However,unicornologists(Unicorn experts) say that they are spaceovores (living creatures who only eat space objects). But also they like clouds and you cannot touch them according to the laws of physics. They might like some Earth like fruits. For example kiwano, dragon fruit and passion fruit.


Have you ever wondered how perilous these legendary creatures are? Well then dare to carry on to this fascinating news! If you accidentally step in their obsidian like hooves, the space unicorns will be as dismal as the deepest thoughts of a person’s mind. However,if the unicorn finds out that you’re fine, then it will be amicable as if it’s your real friend!


How could you be friends with a constellation camouflage?Finish reading!

Believe it or not, once a galaxy pegasus is found,touch it’s mane for a wish to become true! They’ll adore some glitter if you’ve got any spare. They might have an ominous look while staring at you,but don’t worry,they are just making eye contact with you so they can understand you better. Much more clear? Here is my last warning:

Don’t look at it’s horn,

or a black hole near the Earth will be born.

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