Cave Unicorns by Maggie SWW

Have you ever heard of a Cave Unicorn? They are mysterious creatures, and have not been sighted in pure daylight ever before. To find out more on these mythical beasts, read on.

Cave Unicorns live in the deepest and darkest caves all around the world. As they spend all of their time in caves, they can not come out into the outside world, for the light will blind them. Except, of course, if they come out at night! As these unicorns are used to the cold, eerie depths of caverns, they do not need sun to survive, because most have never encountered it. Additionally, many of them fear it.

Being in pitch black, the Cave Unicorns have aurous eyes, that glow so they can see in front and slightly around them. Their dark amethyst fur blends them in with cave walls, so that just in case of predators, they can easily camouflage themselves. Did you know that these unicorns have horns that are actually stalactites? Interestingly, they have smaller wings than any other unicorn, pegasus or dragon! Although they do have to have wings, because of unexpected, steep drops that are unnoticeable from a Cave Unicorn and with no other escape.

Unfortunately, there is not much food down in deserted caves, so Cave Unicorns eat glow worms(that make their eyes glow), several species of fungi, and drink condensation pools that gather on cave floors.

However, these creatures are completely solitary; don’t go foraging in caves for them as you are unlikely to find one, and they aren’t used to company.


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  1. Maggie what a cracking piece of writing – I love it! I noticed the precise use of words so the reader can clearly imagine your cave unicorn. I was impressed with your clear organisation. Thank you for sharing your writing. Perhaps you could try recording your work on the padlet – it may be played in the session.

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