The Lava unicorn by Lily

The Lava unicorns are a rare type of flying horse that is found near Volcanoes or fires. Every five years these unicorns come out of their hiding place, which is in caves underneath volcanoes, to gather food ready for the winter.

Would you be able to recognise a lava Unicorn if you saw one? Weirdly, they have very small wings and a lovely big horn. However, these Varieties of unicorns are going down so that’s why we keep them safe if we can.

Surprisingly, they only eat plants and that means they’re herbivores. Some lava unicorns have several ways of surviving. But others die quickly and cannot be helped by people. Also, love unicorns eat plants but they also drink lava.

Perhaps, you could help by saving unicorns. But be careful, because they are fierce animals if you read this book “Lava Unicorns”  then you will be able to learn how to save them!

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  1. this is a really good peace of writing where did you get the idea to do a larva unicorn?

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