Chapter 1

There were once two children there names were  Lucy and Alfie. They longed to go on a sky ship. One day they went into town Lucy noticed a sign saying

‘Sky ship  adventure lifting of on 13th April 2021’

Alfie said ” Lucy lets get  on that sky ship and fly away!” Their parents were not kind at all so Lucy agreed that they would catch it tomorrow because the date was 12th April 2021.  So they packed their bags and the next day they hurried off to find the sky ship. Soon they came to the clearing where the sky ship stood. Lucy said “should we board it or not Alfie, it looks a bit scary” The sky ship loomed over the children like a cloud coming to rest on them. “I think we should it’s our only chance to fly” exclaimed Alfie sternly. So the children boarded the sky ship and set sail for an exciting adventure.

One Response to “Chapter 1”

  1. Super work Bella, I liked the way you describe the sky ship as a ‘cloud coming to rest on them’. I wonder where they are going to sail to first? Next time think about how you might start your story, you could start slightly differently e.g. Lucy and Alfie, took in their surroundings and noticed a sigh saying ‘Sky ship adventure’. This way you introduce the characters straight away.

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