Billy gripped the railing tight, his lips turning blue as the sky. He gulped and moved closer to his sister Maddie, holding onto her to stay warm, scared as the ship was engulfed by the galaxy.

Suddenly their spacecraft; Aries29 started swaying side to side. Billy looked over the side to see ruby red dragons smashing themselves into the walls of the ship. He looked around and looked at Maddie in horror.

Out of the blue Aries29 started to fall apart. Maddie stared as shards of metal began floating into the sky.

At that moment there was only one thing they could do. Maddie shouted at Billy “Grab the wheel! Hold it as straight as you can”. Aries29 descended sharply as as the power was lost and the ship plummeted into darkness. With a load crash they hit something and the ship came to an abrupt halt. The only sound they could hear was their own breathing and a strange swishing coming from outside the main door.

3 Responses to “Aries29”

  1. wow, your poem was really good well done, you definitely worked hard.

  2. I like the bit where you say that the shards float into the sky it sounds very magical but scary! I also like hoe you leave it as a cliff hanger.

  3. that is a realy goodl sky ship tory well done!!!!

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