Every Thing You Need To Know About Rainbow Unicorns


 The rainbow unicorn is a rare type of unicorn because it is endangered. So if you see a rainbow why not take a closer look, to try to discover a rainbow unicorn. During the current lock down, the rainbow unicorn has been struggling to find food in its habitat therefore it has been sighted more than before as they go to look for food in parks, shops and even steal from restaurants.You could help by  giving them their favourite food which is any rainbow coloured food item. Rainbow unicorns love to eat a lot of colourful flowers. However, they do not like dead  flowers so they help the flowers with their magic. 


Have you ever wondered where to find rainbow unicorns?

Conservationists have collected some feathers left from the wings of the rainbow unicorn which is a sure way to identify where they  spend most of their time. Most rainbow unicorns live in rainbows or near the end of  rainbows while very few may live in very colourful gardens. However, do not go near it because they are shy. They could  run away, kick you and throw things at you. Rainbow unicorns live in harmony in small family  groups which include: a mum, a dad and  a son or daughter. Sadly, they can not have more than one child.


Have you ever wondered what  a rainbow unicorn looks like? Well read on to create an image of these majestic in your head.The wing is rainbow coloured

A rainbow unicorn that is a female has rainbow coloured skin,purple eyes and a rose coloured mane . Amazingly, males are different to females; they have darker rainbow coloured skin,dark blue eyes and a sky blue mane. However the children do not have a full rainbow on their skin. As they grow older they start to have more colours first red,orange and yellow than blue, purple and pink. Once they fully grow like their parents. The colours for boys will get darker but girls will stay the same .


Many people believe that some rainbow unicorns live in the sun and in the rain drops so when they are together they make a rainbow. However, conservationists have now discovered that rainbow unicorns live in rainbows as their names tell us. Warning do not touch this creature if you manage to reach one because they can poison you with their rainbow skin although the rainbow unicorns skin does not really look like poison.

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