Adventure To The Vast Sea PRELUDE


I bet you enjoyed your special trip to Small Island on our sky ship adventure last spring; the snowdrops were dancing in the breeze; the bright buttercups were glowing as warm as the sun with neon-yellow light in their nectar!  Remember how we shrank to the size of a ladybug and rode a fly to the magical waterfalls? 


You probably won’t believe this, but some say the Water bug is the most dangerous and ferocious bug alive, with its teeth, as sharp as knives, and antenna that senses your presence as you creep in closer to them.  The only ones who knew the true danger is Crystal and Violet, best friends aboard the SS Waterski!  They have had to deal with their wind attacks daily.  But today they are going to Banana Island on an adventure, to hopefully catch sight of some new un-discovered creatures. 


Crystal and Violet must leave the safety of their airship the SS Waterski, and board their Saviour Water mobile once more to glide across the sea and step ashore Banana Island, fighting off the fearsome water bugs as well as the locally- feared water bites to continue their next exciting journey. 


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