The freedom of being on the skyship is amazing with wind blowing your sails along the blue sky, searching for new land amongst the clouds. Without a care in the world.


That is of course, until you realise you have sailed off course in a treacherous sky storm with thunder bolts shaking every inch of the ship and bright flashes of light illuminating the way and found yourself in the forbidden dark territory of the sky pigs.


The sky pigs are rumoured to have big, long, sharp claws like daggers that can rip your skin off in one swipe.  Big mouths that can stretch open to eat your head in one go. Not like your normal farmyard pigs.


Trying to move slowly and quietly through the territory of the sky pigs was not easy, as they have supersonic hearing.  Too late, they heard us.  They were onto us flying towards us, swooping at our sails and lashing out with their big fat claws.  One catches our sail and puts a massive ripe in it.  Down we go faster and faster quicker and quicker all onboard holding on by our arms as our legs go out behind us.  Until suddenly we come to an abrupt stop on something soft and squidgy.

4 Responses to “Stargraver”

  1. Check your spelling and punctuation I really liked your information

  2. I like when you instead of sky dragons you put sky pigs.
    What was your favourite bit about your story.
    I think you can make an improvement, I didn’t get the first bit when you said without a care in the world.

  3. I really like the sky pigs in your story.
    I noticed that you have spelt your title wrong.
    What made you think let’s make sky pigs?

  4. I have noticed that you have spelled stargrazer wrong. I like it because it’s creative. have you asked any question?

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