Prelude and Story Opener


You’ve probably been on an airship before, seeing long elegant skyfish fluttering around clouds, baby-blue skies with fresh cold winds breezing past you. Remember how you have to get the stashes and refuel the airship when it’s engines are low, red dust clouds come out like cooking powder.


I bet you enjoyed going on ships across the crystal clear ocean for a relaxing holiday. You get to sea water fishes instead of skyfish which come in the summer.


But you should also try drifting in whacking winter, as winds whack you across the face with freezing icicles, clouds merge into a huge maze of mist. When the blizzards come crashing against your ship like a massive fan blowing against you with knives, when the lighting hits making you have to stir the ship in different aways and the engines freeze up, that’s when an airship adventure isn’t exdorinary…


Some say they’ve seen sky goblins, dashing around the sky as fast as lightning and will stop at airships passing by. You probably won’t believe this but some say flying sea creatures other than skyfish which can bite or claw causing to tear apart the balloons on the airship, which is made by unicorn hair sewed into a leather of colours.


Story Opener

“Have you got the jewels Tommy?” Wilbur shouted while holding the rope that Tommy is climbing. “Yea! What do you think I’m holding?” Tommy answered as he made it to the top. Wilbur helps Tommy up aboard the airship. A large freezing wind whooshes past, it is so strong it pushes the airship. Tommy and Wilbur tried to keep balance but both tumbled to the ground. The airship was swaying side to side “Put the jewels in your backpack Tommy!” Wilbur begged with fear. Tommy realised something was wrong and then asked, “Who’s controlling the airship again?”


They lost control of the airship. Both panicking and screaming. It was falling, it was diving like an eagle. Tommy was also being yelled at by Wilbur because Tommy was too greedy and wanted jewels. Wilbur was also trying to control the airship and he did it! Little did they know that someone was beside the airship. A monstrous laughter was heard in the fog. It was a sky goblin. In its hand was the only weapon that could pop the balloon, the magma steam arrow. “What do we do?” asked Tommy while trying to find a weapon. “I’m trying to land somewhere so it won’t kill us.” Wilbur answered in a calm manner for some reason. The goblin counted, “1,2,3!” Then the lumpy goblin shot the balloon, which was keeping them up in the sky.


They were falling again. They were diving like an eagle again but faster. They didn’t know. They didn’t know on the map. They didn’t know on the map where they were. Tommy was grasping tightly on the bag while Wilbur was singing about death. Where do you think they’ll land? Maybe in water? Who knows yet.

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