The airship

You’ve probably been on a plane, just like this airship. Gliding through the clouds that are as fluffy as cotton candy. The sky as blue as the crystal clear sea  on a relaxing holiday morning, with the sun’s warmth on your back.

I bet you’ve enjoyed the peace and quite. The blossom floating from the trees drifting away into the sea.

But you should also be worried about the terrifying rumors of the beast. No one has ever seen, only heard strange sounds. That is why no one has ever left this island. Everyone is scared, turns back, or is never seen again. People say that this beast is not to be crossed. Their only hope is that someone, or something will save them.

Rose was looking at the sea like she’d never seen it before. James on the other hand, was looking around  making  sure that Rose wasn’t doing any thing dangerous. James didn’t think this was a good idea.

The airship was waving side to side. They had come of the path, heading towards the storm on the west part of the island. Little did they know, that no one has ever survived the storm. They had to turn around to miss it, but they didn’t know that.

On the island, people caught a glimpsed of the airship, they were all so excited, they thought they were going to be saved.

The storm clipped the back of the ship and dragged them towards the eye of the storm. James steered around the storm as they buffeted side to side. A moment later, all went calm  and quite, had they managed to survived?

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