Captain Tom yells “prepare for take off !!” and presses the buttons to start the engines.

With a loud thudding the engines fire up and the propellers kick into action.


Deckhand Wilbur  pulls the levers to raise the anchors, Wilbur had been on the Stargrazer many times and was excited for for another adventure but he was also nervous as he had recently been told of scary stories of unknown beasts hiding around the area that they were about to travel though.  


Penny Wilbur’s pet parrot flapped with excitement and landed on Wilbur’s shoulder squawking loudly ,Wilbur patted Penny on her head.

Suddenly the Stargrazer tilted sideways causing the crew to lose their footing on the deck. Captain Tom shouted “The anchor is caught on a rock !!”

The Stargrazer came crashing back down to the landing site with a heavy THUD !!!  

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