Moon Flyer

You’ve probably been on a sky ship when the sun rays are beaming down on the deck, warming everyone on board. Remember the ice-cold wind brushing your hair, and the rattling sails catching the wind as you move through the sky. Remember watching from the deck as the sun rises and sets on the horizon, as you relax. I bet you’ve enjoyed the relaxation on board, the amazement of finding new islands never seen, having a pint with friends and helping family members.

You may have tried a trip when the sky ship croaks while a storm attacks it from above, for that is another matter. When the hail comes down, it’s like a meteor shower with an objective to destroy the sky ship and the raging tears of the sky flood it too. The sky ship will start to slow and tumble to the ground. That’s when an air ship ride is not so much fun.

People say Haders lurk in the blue sky, hiding behind clouds, not to be noticed by humankind. You probably don’t believe these stories, but a crew once said that they saw a beast, as large as a truck, talons as sharp as a sword, that could destroy any level of sky ship, and teeth as straight as a ruler, used for sinking into any victim.



ZAP! “Wow, that one nearly hit us!” shouted Tom from above deck, “Look Silk, the sky is alive with electricity.”

“Are we nearly there yet?” sobbed Susan, “Come on Susan, enjoy the ride.” Tom cried excitedly, “Ok I’ll try,”

“That’s the spirit.” The sky ship was heading further into the vicious storm, where the dangerous electric Haders lived. “Just a question, but why do you always play with that sprite?” Susan questioned. “because he’s my friend,”

“It’s a sprite!”

“So what? It can be my friend.”

BOOM! “Huh? What was that?” shouted Susan, frightened by the noise, “we’re being attacked by Haders and the ship is going down.” Although Tom was brave, at that time, he feared what was to come. The lights were flickering, and the ship was tilting, getting pulled down by the weight of the Haders. The sky ship went into emergency mode to keep in the sky, but they knew it would go down at some point. They felt helpless.

They were all going up and down corridors grabbing anything they could to help them survive. Silk was flying around panicking and not knowing what to do to help them. The Haders were as large as a double decker bus and as frightening as a three-headed lion. CRASH! The sky ship had crash landed in the middle of nowhere. How would they survive?

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