The Airship Story Starter 2

An old satin cloak has sat in the airship storage room for 50 years now. Undiscovered in a torn cardboard box. Underneath the cloak there was a small black box…

Stella climbed down the spiral stairs into the airship’s mouldy smelling storage room to see her dog Scruff.

In the storage room she saw three big boxes and her dog’s kennel. A most interesting looking box sat in a far corner. She clambered over to it. She peered inside, and saw an old cloak “Oohh look Scruff!” she said and wrapped the cloak around herself and peered again inside the box. Scruff whimpered.

She noticed that under the cloak there was a small little black box, she opened it and found a silver necklace with a little funny sand timer on it. She put it on and yelled for her brother John to come.

Suddenly Stella found herself falling, she crashed to the ground, her tummy churning, the cloak sliding off. Scruff started barking loudly, as if he was yelling. John burst into the room, ‘The Captain needs everybody on the top deck!” She tucked the necklace under her T-Shirt, grabbed the cloak and sprinted up the stairs with her brother, the airship jolting from side to side.

When they got up then the captain yelled “Hold on!” and they obeyed him straight away, clinging on to the side of the ship.

Terrified she feels the airship crash on the ground, Stella looks up and finds dragons circling in the sky…


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