The Crash in a mysterious world…

Me, Luna and jack (Luna is my midnight dragon pet she is not evil like the others).

Me and jack woke up from an unsteady sleep, to the screaming of Captain Tom, Shouting “Get up NOW put your fire proof jackets on and bring that stupid… What is it Chameleon thing-“

“It’s a midnight dragon Tom and -“

“Don’t finish that sentence I’m Captain Tom for your info, now just HURRY UP there’s dragons up ‘ere !!!” He yelled.

We raced up stairs and I brought my spell book and staff we battled the dragons, me with my spells, jack with his shield and sword and Luna used her Florissant midnight purple fire.

All of a sudden Captain Tom yelled “Jump !!!” As one of the moon dragons engulfed ‘Star scraper’ in its misty fire so with out hesitation we clambered on to Luna and flew through the sunlight sky and down towards a lushes jungle…

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