The Dragon Attack – Harry B

The Dragon Attack 


Harry gripped the arm of the seat whilst Charlie stroked the Dog (a fox-red Labrador). As the Star Gazer dipped and turned Harry gulped and thought about how he missed his mum. He took a quick look at Charlie, who seemed to be enjoying looking through thermal scope as the ship lurched from side to side.The sky turned pink, they knew they had entered  Hogsmeade . Suddenly, the weather went from bad to worse: A thunderstorm came crashing down and caught  them off guard.


“Dragons!” screamed Charlie, who would know first,  because  he was staring through the thermal scope. As the Dragons swooped down a fiery breath came shooting towards them.    Luckily, they dodged it and  Captain Francisco, who is  their uncle, shouted “GET READY FOR LANDING!”. The Sky ship went flying down – the Dragons still following them and then out of nowhere they disappeared !

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