The Element Unicorn

There are many different breeds of unicorn and one of the most intriguing is the Element Unicorn. These unicorns  live in fields of green and sometimes forests. Not much is known about this variety because when people try to touch them that run and hide. However people are interested in discovering more because unicorns are said to be magical.

Would you be able to recognise a Element Unicorn if you saw one? In fact they are very similar to a large majority of unicorns. Like most they have a long horn, the body of a horse and excellent eyesight. Typically they are are an amazing mud-brown Wich makes there hair colour stand out. However a few have been spotted to be a dark brown colour with tinges of pink in there man. Furthermore they have extrodinary teeth made from never melting ice. Curiously their tails consist of three different colours. The main feature is the elements on there side these elements can choose what happens to the land there on. Amazingly these unicorns make it windy wherever they go. From a distance they seem quite small, but are quite big.

Baby Element Unicorns have green and brown horns, two elements on the side (Wich are air and earth) and have no pink in there mane. Their body is still a mid brown. When the babys are two years old they go off and live by thereself.

No one acctually knows where Element Unicorns live during the spring months. It is thought that they hibernate in Australia (they like warm wether). However in Autum they can hide beneath the leaves as they will blend in. If you wish to see a Element Unicorn you need to be quiet and don’t be seen.

Not much is known about how the Element Unicorn spends it time. It is believed that they look for other unicorns to be friends with. They have been seen trying to climb trees, making underground tunnels and sitting by pools. These magical creatures are known to flood lands. They seem to be ones that just be boring but they love to explore and help other unicorns.

Are Element Unicorns dangerous? Many people believe not because they run away from humans. Only two people have touched a Element Unicorn without them running away. This unicorn is very dangerous they always have there eyes open. If you scare the unicorn it will flood the land. So anyone curios enough to see what happens when u touch one you need to be careful. You have been warned.

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