The Flying Wonder by Mary

Night was falling and Katy and Ben rushed to the woods with their prize poodle, dasher. They had their own treehouse right in the middle of a cluster of trees dead centre of the woods. They got there panting, the reason was last night there was suspected to be somewhat of a beast hovering near their treehouse.

They clambered up the treehouse, using the homemade ladder, which was made of wood and rope which reminded them of their parents! “Mum and Dad” exclaimed Ben.

“They are probably searching the house for us now!” said Katy.

“Woof woof!!!” added dasher.

They finally reached the top and saw the shadow. It was huge! Then, they realised it was an airship of somesort, in fact it wasn’t an airship, it was an airboat!

Their adventure was only just beggining…

One Response to “The Flying Wonder by Mary”

  1. I like that you didn’t have an airship you had a airboat. Also that you included a treehouse and the cliffhanger.

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