The Himalayan Pegasus by George & Josh

The Himalayan Pegasus is a unique species of flying horse that is found near the edge of the Himalayan mountains. To the delight of many mountaineers, the Himalayan Pegasus has been moving closer to the edge of Mount Everest. However, not many people have spotted this mythical creature.

Would you like to recognise this phenomenal creature? This type has frosted wings, it’s diamond eyes and it’s icicle-like tail.

The Himalayan Pegasus lives on the edges of the Himalayan mountains. They usually make their nest out of snapped icicles which surprisingly isn’t cold for them.

This shy creature, which usually likes to protect their newborn younglings, feeds off the snowberries from the frozen bushes. If they feel threatened they let out a distress call. It’s cousin, the abominable snowman, will come to protect it’s relative.

To relax, they usually find some icicles from a cave and make a nice, warm bed to relax on. These caves are believed to be the homes of their evil rival The Mountain Unicorn which is usually mistaken for the Himalayan Pegasus. This makes the Himalayan Pegasus endangered.

The Himalayan Pegasus is a shy but loving creature and loves to be accompanied by gentle humans. It also enjoys being hand fed and so do their babies.

Many people believe that they can cause a major avalanche, grab their babies and fly away, leaving it’s enemies to be crushed. If you surprisingly spot this creature please keep it a secret so it won’t be hunted.


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