The ice unicorn

The ice Pegasus is an unusual type of flying horse. It has been seen flying around tops of mountains by passing aeroplanes. Due to the climate changes ice unicorns have become more used to warmer weather and are coming down the mountain to explore. They have been spotted by hikers on the lower mountains. However we are still curious about these mysterious creatures.

These beautiful dazzling winged horses have an icicle as a horn and wings made out of sheets of ice. With one look from their eyes they can turn anything into ice. They are a very fragile creature because they are made from ice. However they can be quite sneaky by turning things into ice over night.

Generally these unicorns usually live high up in the mountain tops where there is snow, additionally they can also be found on icy lakes and ponds because they are getting more brave.

As we know they live high in the mountain tops full of snow so the food is not easy to find, it is thought that they come down the mountains and eat leaves from trees and sometimes the odd bird. The ice unicorn cannot eat grass as it makes them very sleepy and risks them being caught by a human.

To relax and have fun, the ice unicorn likes to play with the younger unicorns in the snow. They enjoy teaching them how to make things turn into ice with their eyes.Wierdly they do not use their wings very often propably because they are made from thin ice and might snap.

These beautiful creatures have a strange  behaviour, sometimes they are very cute, loving and gentle and sometimes they can be quite sneaky and naughty. When they are naughty they lik0-

o play around in.

As you know these are rare creatures and should never be approached by a human unless they come to you first. They have been know for turning many objects into ice because they were frightened or felt threatened by one. Perhaps if you are out walking in the countryside or hiking on a mountain and you see an ice sculpture, could it be made from the eyes of an ice unicorn?

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