The ocean unicorn by Keira

The ocean unicorn lives in the deepest part of the Indian Ocean. It is the leader of the ocean and if it leaves then all the water will disappear. Also it has some amazing powers that are fascinating. Its favourite thing to do is to swim with the sharks. Surprisingly they get along. They love to eat  seaweed together and play with all the little fish.


This type of unicorn has a dark grey body that shimmers in the moonlight. It has scales that are coloured in a pattern orange and blue. Surprisingly, it doesn’t have scales all over his body just in patches. Weirdly, it has no legs it just has the body of a seahorse and the head of a unicorn. Their horns colours are quite similar to this scales which is blue and orange. This mythical creatures mane and flippers are dark blue and they sway beautifully in the current.


The ocean unicorn lives in shipwrecks and guards the treasure from the sneaky pirates. It lives in the Indian Ocean and if it leaves then all the water in the oceans will disappear. Even though that is where it lives explorers say that It has been spotted in the depths of the pacific ocean. Believe it or not it’s sleeps in a hammock made out of sea-weed and different sea plants!


This pacific unicorn likes to eat the freshest seaweed. They get it from a secret place that only they know about. Scientists believe that the special place is in a cave but not yet can they prove it. Also they Love the pearls out of clams as that what keeps their magic high so then they don’t run out of it. I think it’s pretty obvious what they drink. Seawater! They also like to drink the nectar out of the seaweed. It is their favourite.


Firstly the mum unicorn lays her eggs in her shipwreck. Eventually they will hopefully all hatch and when they turn about two years of age they will leave there mums. When they leave they will get up to the stage that they find their own shipwreck and become moms or dads of their own children. When they are a baby they are about 30 cm but as they get older they can get up to 90 to 130 cm long! Isn’t that a lot.


One of their powers is very important and that is shooting fish from its horn this is important because when the population of fish goes down in the world the ocean unicorn can just shoot more fish into the ocean. Another one of there powers is to have plants/seaweed shoot out of there mouths this helps for when the sharks and animals in the ocean need food so they can eat the sea plants not each other because the ocean unicorn wants no violence.

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