The sky-ship mission.

Without caution, the shuddered, rapid sky-ship flew past the sugar dusted clouds passing the blue birds. Nothing went wrong, not yet. The crew glared out the cracked window: nothing to be seen, what else would there be? But everything went silent and it became darker, darker and even darker. THUNDER!? The lightning bashed onto one of the wings of the sky-ship, they thought everything would be fine though!

The captain of the sky-ship steered side to side but it was no use because they were already heading further down, down and more down. Suddenly, the crew panicked because it seemed as if they were hurt from some kind.. Until, they were gone.

Some say, the crew wasn’t seen again! Others say, they saw them last week! And one of them say, they were one of them. Who should we believe?

2 Responses to “The sky-ship mission.”

  1. I love the bit were you said the sugar dusted clouds you have left me on a cliff hanger! What’s going to happen next? Could you make it longer?

  2. Ebony St Josephs February 11, 2021 at 2:58 pm

    A love the thunder bit creeping going.

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