The stargrazer

The Stargrazer

Emmie and Sienna were aboard their grey skyship ready for their advencher to Soannal. Sienna had just made her ham sandwich. While Emmie was sleeping. Suddenly, the balloon got punctured by the bright lightning that came out of the blue. They hadn’t  noticed until the balloon started to deflate and went down really really slowly. At that second, they started to worry they wouldn’t get to soannal. But, they kept going but that was a bad idea..because it made the balloon go down even more! Weirdly, the wind blew the ham sandwiches off the ship  now they were really really hungry, in fact as hungry as you can get starved for a week.. Luckily, there was a coconut tree on an island  nearby so they went there and ate but they forgot they needed to get to Soannal. However, they got distracted by a pink pigeon coming on their ship..

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  1. Hi olivia, Your work is very good. Everything is amazing but maybe next time you could check your puntuation before posting. Great work!

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