The water Unicorn

The water unicorn is a very rare male unicorn, as most of the population are.

Surprisingly, the water unicorn has a messy mane and big round eyes.Most of them spry water out of their nostrils when they become mad.They are the tiniest creatures in the ocean, measuring 0.1121111 mm.

Living in the ocean, the water unicorn spends most of its time hiding In the coral coming out only to great its family and friends. He likes to cover himself in seaweed to calm himself to sleep.

Contrary to proper belief, the unicorn is one of the most feared creatures in the world.It is scientifically proven that the species feeds on fish poo during the summer months however in the winter months it feeds on ocean broccoli.

Although you may not think they are mean, the species is known to be grumpy and very selfish, the do not like to share their food, belongings or their space. If you upset a water unicorn you will never make that mistake again.

Have you ever seen a water unicorn? Did you live to tell the tale? BE WARNED LEAVE THEM ALONE!

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  1. I loved reading about the water unicorn well done grace

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