Tony & Crusty’s adventure contd…by Rocco

“ Brace yourself Tony! We are about to touch the surface “ Captain Crusty loudly exclaimed.


Suddenly, a grinding, creaking noise came from the engine causing the skyship to lose control for a couple of seconds but, in a blink of an eye, Tony and Captain Crusty found themselves diving through the snowy soft clouds. Crunchy crystalline snow was falling down from the white sky like a magical dance in a colossal theatre.


Episode 2 – ‘The Skyship Lands’


Tony was petrified and kept his eyes closed even after they touched the ground, as if he was still waiting for something horrifying to happen.

Underneath their skyship, a baby dragon was trapped in the engine; he looked wintry and immobile like an iceberg. 

Crusty was nonplussed by the vision of what surrounded them…they landed on a mysterious glacial lake. 


All around, the silence was deafening, nearly scaring them even more; they could only perceive the sound of their terrified breaths. 

Inspecting from right to left and from up to down, they didn’t notice any particular difference, the grey colour of the sky was perfectly absorbed by the frozen water behind them.   


Without warning, they could hear an odd sound coming from the distance but they weren’t able to identify where exactly it was coming from. 

Crusty jumped in fear, he felt too frightened to go to check what just happened. 

Tony, on the other hand, was very intrigued to find out more about that noise so he convinced his Captain to leave the skyship and go to explore.


Walking on the glacial lake, they both realised that it wasn’t as scary as they imagined. After 1.5 miles they saw something in the distance, it seemed to be 3 nanoscopic goblins with some strange clothes.

A couple of miles in, they reached a neglected little town and the weird goblins they noticed before were actually gigantic.




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