The sky ship Adventure

The skyship was fast. But was it fast enough to escape from the red dragon? They turned their ship to the right side of where the red dragons should be coming in from. “Throw the air Ancor,” Said the captain.
It landed in the air and stayed still as a rock. “The dragons would be sleeping at this time so no worries” They had their dinner and their supper and went to there beds. “AAHHHHHHH!” The whole crew woke up and rushed to the deck there was a massive red dragon and its own set of crew was flying at least 500 miles per hour and the skyship only goes 50 miles per hour so we were stuck. They heard some wings flapping up and down behind me. They thought some red dragons were cornering them but no it was a blue dragon with Captin Ohi riding it. They all hoped on and rode away.

One Response to “The sky ship Adventure”

  1. I really like the story. I especially liked the bit at the start when they escaped from the red dragon. Who is Captain Ohi? I suggest maybe starting speech on a new line if a different person is speaking.

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