The Dragon

Lilly and James were brother and sister, they hated each other. However they went on a family holiday all together and their mum and dad begged them to not fight. The airship they went on was very old and tattered James was very frightened by it but Lilly was so excited she couldn’t  wait to go on a family holiday. They hadn’t been away for years because they didn’t have enough money to go. When they got on the ship James realise the captain looked old and creepy. James thought he looked really suspicious, no one else seemed to notice. That night James let his suspicion get the better of him, he snuck out in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep, he was going to investigate the old man. He didn’t know where he was going, so he just followed the path, he had no torch with him. However he saw a door it was very creepy it had moss all over it he thought this must be where the captain slept. But before he even touched the door handle he saw a giant shadow creeping up behind him. He turned as quick as a flash. It was a dragon.

2 Responses to “The Dragon”

  1. I really like this paragraph, I like how you used ambitious vocabulary. Why did you choose the captain to be creepy? To make this even better you could describe the characters emotions.

  2. I really like this story. It makes me want to know more. One small thing you could do is break it up into paragraphs.

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