Episode 2-The troll is back

Once he had calmed down and told himself that there was no troll he was planning what he was going to do next. Should he go exploring the mountains or go mining in the caves. He decided to go mining although what he didn’t know was the caves weren’t safe.

He walked into a cold dark cave that had walls that had probably been there for centuries it even smelled like bat **** even though he didn’t know what bat poo smelled like.

He walked on and on further into the deep dark cave a little like the one the BFG lives in. Then all of a sudden something ran past him! What was it, where did it come from, was it that troll he has seen earlier? He decided to keep going but he was a little freaked out.

A little while later he had found a good mining spot so he started digging. All of a sudden there was a thundering loud voice that said “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY CAVE GET OUT AT ONCE!” Once he had heard that voice he ran out at once but he heard something pretty unusual…

2 Responses to “Episode 2-The troll is back”

  1. Brilliant use of rhetorical questions! What made you think of this idea? Remember to use a question mark after a question.

  2. I really like how you made the character go into a cave it was really interesting why did you choose to add a mysterious voice in the cave? To make this even better you could add some more information.

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