Airship Adventure

Chapter One

The high mountain pass would be too cold and dangerous to travel, but Caleb and Joshua had to get across the vast mountain range to get to their final destination. They were both tired and hungry, but they had to find the mystical power orb to defeat the evil mage. I know, Joshua said, let’s take an airship!

They arrived at the docking port at the edge of the city and found their ship. She was called the Star Grazer. Joshua gazed open mouthed at her. She was shabby and dirty and did not look like she could fly 5 miles, let alone 5,000. The sky outside was dark and ominous and a fire dragon roared in the distance.

As they prepared for their flight, Caleb and Joshua made sure they had everything packed and ready. Joshua was a bit nervous as he had never flown in an airship before, but Caleb reminded him that it was his idea. He was trying to be a good big brother, but inside he was just as nervous. The Captain shouted, “All Aboard” and then they were off.

The Star Grazer was crossing the huge lake at the foot of the mountain with a huge storm raging all around them. The airship was getting blown from side to side as the boys tried to keep their balance. Without warning, out of the dark ominous storm, a giant wet sea serpent rose from the lake and grabbed hold of the airship, pulling it towards the depths below. Joshua grabbed his backpack and searched for his micro lung breathing aid, but where was it?


Chapter Two

Joshua frantically looked in his backpack for his breathing aid as the serpent pulled the Star Grazer towards the gloomy depths. The ship was pulled beneath the waters, but to everyone’s surprise, they could still breath. Below them, the lights of a magnificent underwater city could be seen, glittering like jewels in a pirate’s treasure chest.

The city lights were so bright that the crew of the Star Grazer had to shield their eyes. The Star Grazer was pulled by the serpent towards a large docking port at the foot of the city. The ship was locked into place by a colossal octopus whose tentacles wrapped securely around the ship.

Joshua and Caleb joined the rest of the crew as strange creatures surrounded the Star Grazer. They had the bodies of humans, but the heads of terrifying sharks with razor sharp teeth and pitch-black eyes. The crew were herded like sheep toward the city centre to face the Lord of the underwater city. He was the largest of all his people, and by far the scariest. Suddenly, Joshua noticed hanging around the Lord’s huge neck was a chain, with the mystical power orb pulsing power. What are you doing in my realm? Boomed the lord…

2 Responses to “Airship Adventure”

  1. Well done! I like your use of ambitious vocabulary! What made you think of this?

  2. I really like how you put your own name in your story.
    Why did you chose this title for the story.
    To make this even better you could use more adjectives , it will make you work better.

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