A mysterious escapade part 2

As we approached the hazy silhouette, a blue powerful dragon became visible. To our astonishment, he responded to our appearance by saying, “I’m sorry if I scared you, I’m not as wild as I appear. What are you doing at this destination?” Holly replied without delay, “ We are on an adventure to the Equator to see what mystical lands we can locate.” The dragon is from a mystical land of wonderous creatures, where he can guide Holly and Andrew to their destination. The dragon exclaims, “ I will help you, follow me!” Holly guides the airship following the path of the dragon.

On their travels, they caught a glimpse of an erupting volcano, laminating a golden path along the rocky surface. Flowers in bloom, fresh and sweet and the last thing they got a glimpse of was the inside of a thunder cloud, it was dark, the lightening was so bright that we had to shield our eyes. After coming out of the thunder cloud the dragon finally signalled that we had arrived. It was beautiful, Holly mentioned, “I want to stay here forever.” Then as they disembarked from the airship, Holly saw a glory of pearlescent unique unicorns shimmering in the rising sun. The land was full of mystifying individuals.

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  1. This is fantastic! I absolutely love the sentence openers.

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