Episode 2

As I was in the airship, I was terrified of crashing in that concrete floor and smashing my head! I could never be more scared, well I was terrified I realized that it did crash, crash my friend stared going crazy I said. I am going to take a look. Are you crazy ok you go I am staying her! Ok I guss I will be on my way bye and off I went. Wow she wasn`t lying as I saw my eye cached on something hmm seems fine to me, I am going in! as I went inside it smelled so bad and looked like somebody was living there I said. Mabey I should go haha as I was about to go the door shut SLAM! uhh ok mabey I can just call my friend but I left my phone there know I was stuck so I stared to scream for help but nothing and then I stared to hear rain and funder so I fort I might as well just try to find   another way out of this place. Oooo what will I find here as I saw a  shelf full of boxes and as I opend it I saw some bottles hmm I mean I am pretty hungry so I took a little sip and I felt okay but it feels like something is weird as I screamed as loud as I could the door opened a man came and he said hello come follow me he said in a grin ok I had no were elsa to go so I went. When I went inside it looked like a castle garden but it was not like this before there was birds butterflys but were is the airship were is my friend as I was stressed of her missing the man said don’ worry she is ok as I nodded a overly dressed lady came outside, “hi I said“ hello if you  want your best friend you will have to find her “uhh ok I do want her back but what do I have to do to get her back please I will do anything okay she said you will be going on a airship to find her but be careful you can never trust a person as she smiled ok?

So as I went on the airship It looked nice but I was going to drive even through I have never ever have as I tried to find out how   to drive this thing OH NO! It was   very shaky and I nearly fell of but I saw something in the sky there was a cloud that was following me  and there was something hiding  above the cloud so I did try to get as better view.


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  1. This is amazing I am hooked

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