Chapter 2 – The Crash

Chapter Two – The Crash


Rocky woke up sitting in the ruins of the plane that had crashed a few hours ago. His head thumped and he assumed he had been out of it for some time.  He had a look around to see where he was. He peered over the side of the ship, a river with electric beams in it and tree (somehow pouring out grass juice) lined the edge. A hot, strong wind blew Rocky over onto Adrien and he jumped up in horror. Rocky had completely forgotten about his friends, him and Adrien started to look for the others. A disgusting smell of rotten grapes and raspberries wisped through the air around them. In the sky above, the sun was beginning to set and the clouds were growing into a fearsome looking storm. Out of nowhere Captain Drago and Dr McCoy were looking in side all of the destructed, messed up ship.

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