Chapter 2 – Crash landing

Chapter 2- Crash Landing!

By Elliot

Théoden cautiously stepped out of the flying room and down the ladder, closely followed by Alexander. The sky was grey; Théoden could feel the wind gently brush against his cheek. He looked straight in front of him and there was something incredible. A tall, green, ruined kingdom, which was built into a snowy, large mountain. Suddenly, Alexander fell to the ground, cowering back like a sausage dog in danger, he pointed at the dirty floor in front of his friend. Théoden stared down. He felt horror fill within him. He could even smell them now, tens of thousands of unfortunate skeletons, who must have died in battle. The close friends tried to put it out of their minds so they could focus on escaping and where to stay for the night. Beside the grand kingdom, was a forest of misty, dark trees that looked diseased. Théoden began walking towards the dim light that was untended to. Inside the kingdom, he realised that the light went out. The door suddenly shut. It was pitch black. All of a sudden, they could hear a foot splash in a puddle in the distance. ‘I’m doomed, I’m doomed, someone help,’ thought Alexander, unable to say a word. The deadly darkness frightened them all. Will they survive?

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