Crash Landing


As Steve and Alex were plummeting towards the ground they scrabbled below deck. As they waited they hid in tight spots so they couldn’t slide around and bump into anything. Soon they landed right beneath the tower of the legendary dragons. Although they were young they still dared to entered as they thought the dragons inside it where only a myth. The first table they saw it had a white cloth that looked grey from all the dust just poking out from the bottom they saw was a trap door made amethyst and beside it they saw a letter, it read: Be where of the tails told, the music played and the but the rest of it was ripped of with what looked like vast lizard teeth. Steve told his little sister to put it in her pocket as he did not have any. Just as they where about to open the glistening trap door they heard a deafening roar and the doors they entered through were locked shut. They didn’t know what to do.   

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