Do you want a …. dragon?

Have you ever wanted to keep a dragon?

Well now you can, just come to my first mythical pet, sign up for free and you’ll have one. With keeping a pet dragon comes big responsibilities, you have to feed it the right food, make sure your house is suitable for the dragon, make sure that you keep it safe, do some exercise, feed him at the right time, make sure it gets the right education and try not to bore,be rude or harm it. There is no local dragon food stores so you will have to go on a journey to get the right food required. Bathing dragons are really hard all of them hate water  and will only clean itself if you give the, a treat (you have to find out what treats it likes). You may need a dragon whistle, because if your dragon is far or your missing then you just have to blow it and it will come to you. Make sure that your dragon is healthy and drinks the right amount of water because water helps keep away the air pollution (this water is dragon water and should only be used for dragon purposes only). Under that note you should take the dragon test to see if your worthy enough to have a dragon. The dragon test has 3 rules;

  1. No cheating
  2. No food or water
  3. Prove you loyalty.

If you past this test then the dragon that best suites you will come to you (they pick you, you can’t pick them). All dragons have a birthday so I advise you to find out everything it likes and get to understand it (yes I mean dragon whisper)

this will help the dragon gain your trust and you will not tear apart if you keep this elemental stone with you. The elemental stone can only be used for your dragon only and if you lose this the dragon will lose your trust. Word of advice turn your elemental stone into jewellery and were it. The elemental stone will give you the same powers your dragon has but it will decide whether your using it for good or bad. Don’t take your dragon for granted because it can sense fear,selfishness,anger and happiness. My word of advice try not to get upset because when you get your dragon it becomes like your twins and you think of the same thing at the same time.

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