ep 2

We landed. It was weeks before I recovered. My legs were crushed by the sail. It felt like a hammer was smashed into my leg. Still, it hurt to even touch them.

I thought to myself, as I lay down, unable to walk: If only we hadn’t fired at the dragons.

“We are all in danger with that ruby dragon aboard. The other dragons will surely hunt us down in time. especially now that our sail is broken. Just get rid of it,” said the Captain.

“Okay, why don’t we leave you behind, Captain?” I said looking at the ruby dragon hoping we could make it to the temple before the dragons did so we could unlock the peace weapon.

He had no reply.

A hour later, we reached a hill and saw a large gloomy town a few miles ahead. Not many of us were too happy because we had already been walking for hours on end. We finally reached it, completely drained. The man carrying me sighed and dropped me like a sack once we arrived.

It was decided that we would find a bar to get some food. WE ARRIVED AT THE WRONG TOWN! This town was full of pirates who raided us a few weeks back and if they saw us, were done for! We had no weaponry to fight back.

We came across a pirate who walked past and he recognised me. I knew I was doomed

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