How to look after a Fairy by Lauren

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to look after a Fairy? If you would like to be one of the few who have ever had this exquisite experience, you will have to befriend a fairy after looking very carefully in your nearby park. Be quick as these magical creatures will move from place to place very quickly. However, this species is not that easy to look after because if you do not follow these instructions it might end in a bad situation.

To look after a fairy, you will need the following items:

  • A bright and airy bird house, with a small entrance door
  • Colourful, attractive, calming paints
  • Fresh blackberries ideally from the hills and hollows
  • Leaves from a newly planted willow or blossom tree
  • A very tall, unique flag

First, let the fairy fly around near its home about 20 metres from where it will be living, talking to it continuously in a soft, low voice so that it becomes familiar with your voice and then wave a flag to gain it’s attention and this will help it find its way back to their home on its own [do this several times until they automatically know where to go]

Next, paint a bird house for it to live in. You can paint it any colours that you like however these need to reflect its personality. In the past, people have used calming colours such as pale pinks, blues, greens and lilac. Once you have painted it and let it dry, then hang it up in a tree where it has been flying around. Make sure that it is hung at least two metres off the ground to protect it from ground animals. Your bird house must have a mysterious looking door that will need to be small so that pigeons, crows and starlings cannot fit through it. It will also need to have a solid roof.

After that, collect leaves from a newly planted willow or blossom tree. Lay them in the bird house for the bedding of the fairy. You will also need an extra larger leaf for your fairy’s blanket.

Last but not least, using the fresh blackberries from the hills and hollows that you collected, you can provide an award for your fairy. If they like these, you could also give them a juicy strawberry.

Finally, on a day to day basis, feed your fairy jam sandwiches cut into minute squares. The fairies prefer white bread, but no crusts as these hurt their delicate teeth when chewing. Between the layers of bread of these delicacies is a thick layer of apricot jam that glimmers in the sunlight.

Remember, do not let your fairy fly off until you have fully trained it because, you may never see it again.

In the winter, your fairy may want to sleep inside because in bad weather their transparent, mesh like wings can break.

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