How to look after a Fire fang

Are you bored of having the same pet as everyone else ? If you are then come on down to the mythical creature sanctuary and get your own fire fang.

However if you want to get one you must listen to these instructions carefully otherwise it might go horribly wrong.

You will need : A platinum collar as these creatures are very strong, five bins full of phoenix berries (their favourite food)  a whistle that has a fire fang engraved on it and hot glowing stones.

What you will need to do:
. Firstly you will need to build a tree house for it made out of regnirock the only metal strong enough to withstand the heat of a fire fang.
.Then you must outline the tree house to show that your fire fang is welcome into it’s house(don’t forget to change them one a month.
.If your fire fang does go out one day and it won’t come back don’t worry because if you blow the whistle it will call the dragon right back to you as they have very sensitive hearing.
.You should always have a collar on your fire fang as they like to go wondering and if someone picks it up one day they will know who it belongs to.

At meal times it is the fire fangs favourite time of day and can be quite picky. Here are some instructions on what to do:
.First, get a handful of phoenix berries and lay them out on a huge leaf.
Secondly , arrange the berries in the shape of a happy face.
Then, you get a huge bucket of water and lay it down next to the leaf.
Finally, call your dragon over for it’s meal and let it eat and drink and let it take it’s time do NOT rush it.


A final note of warning, if you find a stray fire fang without a collar DO NOT pick it up as they can be harmful to people they don’t know so make sure that they are tame before you pick them up.

Enjoy your fire fang.

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