How to care for a pet dragon

How to care for a pet dragon

Do you ever have one of those days where you are bored and are staring at a wall. Well why not purchase your very own dragonlet; I assure you, you will never be bored again. So why now buy one from your local dragon zoo.



Many dragons like to feast on chicken and berries such as blueberries and strawberries. However do not feed them any kind of chocolate because (like dogs) it will make them very poorly and they may not recover. Although there is another alternative for a treat. Biscuits. Dragons will love any biscuit so why not use biscuits in their training as a prize.


Keeping your dragon fit 

Make sure your dragon has enough natural sunlight so don’t keep them enclosed in your house. However, they can live in your house when a few months old, but with time they will get older and not fit. Therefore, it is best to keep them out doors on a lead from a young age. A dragon’s natural habitat will be larger than your garden will ever be, so they need walking once in the morning and once in the evening but that will still not be enough. Luckily these dragons have lived with people for centuries and have become domesticated but you can still take your dragon to dragon exercise gyms where they will be nice and healthy.



Dragons are best to start training from a young age and will be loyal to you for the rest of their life. Now every dragon is unique so you will have to make up a call which only they will respond to. Don’t worry if your call is similar to someone else’s because dragons can hear the difference due to there keen hearing instincts. If you wish to ride your dragon you will need a licence and a loyal dragon however wait till they are big enough to ride.

 Riding itself is easy the dragon will let you on its back when you have earned its trust. JUST A WORD OF CAUTION dragons are known to drop you if you annoy them. 


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