How to look after a Werewolf by Charlie

How to look after a werewolf

First you will need to keep your werewolf in a colossal outdoor overgrown space where  it can run around and feel free.  Next its vital to put up a large metal fence to keep your werewolf from escaping. Then you will be able to tame your werewolf. you will need to let your werewolf catch its own prey. After that you will need to clean up as your werewolf would probably splatted blood every were. Later on  you will need to let them clean them selves so you should you should keep a little pond without fish so they can get rid of the dirt. Finally you need to put them to sleep for that you will need palm leaves and warmth your werewolf will make its own bed.

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  1. I like were you said that you have to have a metal fence around the werewolf because if you did not it would be hard to catch it.

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